A little about me

What about to begin with some personal data?

Name:  Denisa, or molendrix  portrait
Birth date:  December 1972 
Nationality:  Czech  
Profession:  government employee (OK, I am librarian)
Domicile:  a small town near Prague, Czech Republic, Europe 
Status:  single (or, as one of my friends once said, Denisa married her hobbies) 

And these hobbies are::

  • European history from early Middle Ages to early modern times, + history of the Caribbean (historical gossip and pirates, that's just my cup of tea!) - everything from architecture to popular music. Count here also history of costumes, please, I am crazy about it.

  • fairytales for children & adults (fairytale, adventure, historical, sci-fi and fantasy literature and movies)

  • flower planting (I have a jungle on my balcony - fuchsias, bougainvilleas, busy lizzies, hibiscuses and other "rare specimens" including thyme and chives; gloxinias grow in my flat also very profusely :-))

  • craftworks of all kinds, except knitting

  • caring of our two cats (1st - Armand, a persian blue female, "a bag of wrath", 3 kg, 12 years old; 2nd is Plessis, a tabby tomcat from an animal home - the sweetest creature under the sun, called "Koštěj Nenasytný" (pron. Koshtiey Nenasytnee - i.e. he must taste and devour everything he finds)7,5kg, 9 years old). They are rulers of our household actually.

under construction
To be continued soon.....




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