My web pages' terms of use

Although I am sure that 99% of my pages' visitors are nice, decent and netiquette  skilled people,  I had a few ill-mannered visitors too. So, please, note this:

1. These webpages are for personal use only and their content is under copyright. The publication of  the materials, that were made by me (except dollz) and then were published on, is forbidden without my explicit permission. Only webs Alley Cat Scratch and Padawan's Guide have  exception.

2. Pictures - you may take any picture you would like for your private image collection, of course. But if you would like to use them on your own web pages, please, ask me for permission first - if your pages are "children friendly", there I do n't see any problem - then you must give me credit ("courtesy of molendrix") and link back to my site somewhere near the picture.  

3. Patterns are absolutely free, but they CANNOT be published on any other sites than mine. If you will do it, you will enrage me.  

4. All my dollz are adoptable - feel free to adopt my dollz, but please, link back. Don't take my dollz or "frankendoll" them and claim them yours.  


No direct linking to my pictures from your pages, blogs etc.

It is very rude, and you could cause malfunction of my web pages. 

Thank you for understanding,


©molendrix 2005