Queen Anne

(ca 1390)

Gotické šaty pro 16" panenku  Tyler Wentworth - OOAK

I always liked the costume of noble medieval women, consisting from two layers - the fitted gown and the loose sideless gown. To make it more interesting, I decided to make the sideless gown heraldic. I didn't want to use a coat of arms of some stranger, but I also didn't know, if this type of the sideless gown was even worn here. So, I needed a lady connected with the Bohemia AND   western Europe. And I found  the princess Anna Česká (Anne of Bohemia), the daughter of the emperor Charles IV.;  she married the king Richard II of England. On her coat of arms was the black eagle of the Holy Roman empire on the golden ground and the silver two tailed lion of  Bohemia on the red ground.

And my old, good girl Brenda got her new face - honestly, she reminds me Brad Pitt a little, now. :-)

Description Two part dress for 16" doll by Tonner (Tyler Wentworth, Brenda Starr).
  • The black fitted gown  (called by some people cotehardie), was sewn more or less after the gown found in Greenland at Herjolfsnes. The "body" cosnists of 14 parts (12 long pieces and 2 triangular insets at front and back), the pattern you can see  here. The narrow sleeves and the front seam to the waist are embellished with round golden beads, imitating the buttons. The neckline is stitched with a fine golden bullion and beaded with golden and red beads. The gown is laced up at back. 

  • The sideless gown  consists of 4 hand painted pieces; it is self-lined, and pulls over head. After the the four  pieces were sewn together, the "ermine" plastron was attached and embellished with parts of vintage filigree buttons, red fire beads, tiny glass pearls and green beads.

  • The doll has  the black stockings and the dark brown leather shoes with long pointed toes (poulaines)on her feet . The heavy hip belt from metallic components prevents the skirt of the cotehardie to hitch up.  The crown was bought on e-bay, I only reshaped  it and  glued the cylinders, made from a vintage napkin ring. The veil is of half -ecliptic shape. 
Used materials
  • For the gown I used a black crepe-de chine
  • and for the sideless gown a red and a yellow ones;
  • the "ermine" is from a white silk velvet, the  black "tails" are embroidered - two stitches of black rayon floss; 
  • the stockings are from a fine black knitting, the veil i from a off-white pongee and the poulaines are from fine black and brown leathers.

Středověké šaty pro 16" panenku  Tyler Wentworth - OOAK Cotehardie Gotické šaty pro 16" panenku  Tyler Wentworth - OOAK

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