of one of a kind (OOAK) dolls and outfits

Movie characters and costumes

So sweet ...
or, Jenny by Takara and Jennifer

Out of fashion for centuries Where my fantasy strays,
or, preview ...
Planned for 2009 year   BJD Fiume and Damir

  Movie characters and costumes

Lord of the rings


Arwen blood red dress ooak for Barbie doll
Blood red dress
+ pattern

Arwen farewell dress ooak for Barbie doll
Farewell dress
+ pattern

Arwen coronation dress ooak for Barbie doll
Coronation dress
+ pattern

Arwen mourning gown ooak for Barbie doll
Mourning gown
+ pattern

Arwen requiem outfit ooak  for Barbie doll
Requiem outfit
+ pattern

Arwen rose dress ooak for Barbie doll
Rose dress
+ pattern




Arwen angel dress ooak for Barbie doll
Angel dress
+ pattern
Eowyn ooak doll brown coat for Barbie
Brown coat
+ pattern
Eowyn shieldmaiden ooak for Barbie doll
+ pattern
Eowyn green gown ooak for Barbie doll
Green gown
+ pattern

Eowyn Victory gown for 16" doll OOAK
Victory gown
Faramir ooak doll
Ranger outfit
+ pattern

Elf lady


yellow elf dress for ooak Barbie doll
Yellow leaf collar dress
+ pattern
Celeborn OOAK doll
+ pattern

Pirates of the Caribbean



  Chronicles of Narnia

Elizabeth Swann

Jack Sparrow

Rose DeWitt-Bukater

 Lucy Pevensie

POTC Pirates of the Caribbean Elizabeth Swann plum ooak dress  for Tyler Wentworth
Plum dress
+ pattern
Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean - 12" ooak dollfie, doll
Rose DeWitt-Bukater Titanic OOAK doll
Jump dress
+ pattern
Rose DeWitt-Bukater from Titanic - OOAK Barbie doll in elevator dress
Elevator dress

Lucy pevensie from Chronicles of Narnia, Blue narnian costume for 8" OOAK doll
Blue Narnian dress  
Lucy Pevensie fro Prince Casoian movie costume for 16.5" doll, ooak
Red Narnian outfit


Susan in coronation dress- ooak movie costume from Prince Caspian for 16" Tonner doll
Coronation dress

Ever after

King Arthur

Sleepy Hollow

 Harry Potter







ever after danielle de barbarac  ooak doll  gold court gown
Gold court gown
+ pattern

ever after danielle  de barbarac work dress ooak doll
Work dress

marguerite de ghent ooak costume for  Tyler Wentworth doll
Day dress
+ pattern
Guinevere OOAK Barbie doll from King Arthur movie
Aqua dress
Katrina Van Tassel - OOAK costume from Sleepy Hollow for Tonner doll
Blue dress 
Hermione Granger OOAK Barbie doll
Gryffindor robes
+ pattern 
Three wishes for Cinderella Princess bride
Princess with the 
golden  star
Cinderella Dora
Popelka - Cinderella ooak Barbie doll from Three wishes for Cinderella
Cinderella - wedding gown for 12" Barbie
Wedding gown
Dora - from "Three wishes for Cinderella" movie - ooak ballgown for 12" Barbie
princess bride ooak Barbie doll - red riding dress
Riding dress
Princess bride OOAK pink belted dress for Barbie
Pink belted dress
+ pattern
Princess with the golden star OOAK dress for doll
Princess Lada

Prince and Eveningstar

Madly sad princess

Black corsair


Prince Velen





Prince Velen from Prince and Eveningstar movie - ooak costume for 16" Matt O'Neill by Tonner
Travelling costume
+ pattern
Vecernice - Eveningstar costume for 16" Tonner doll from movie Prince and Eveningstar
Blue-white gown
+ pattern
Madly sad princess  ooak customized Barbie doll
Mourning gown 


Honorata Van Gould from Black Corsair -ooak costume for 16" doll
Pink dress
+ pattern
Rumburak - wizard of 2nd cathegory, from ArabelaTV series - costume for 16" doll Matt O'Neill

Star wars

Padmé  Amidala
Padme packing gown for ooak  Barbie doll
Packing gown
 tatooine gown for ooak Barbie doll
Tatooine costume
brown sleeveless outfit ooak for Barbie doll
Brown sleeveless outfit
Padme Amidala - OOAK Picnic dress for Barbie doll
Picnic dress
+ pattern
Padmé Amidala  black OOAK dress for 12" Barbie doll
Black gown

amidala coruscant for ooak Barbie doll
Coruscant kimono




Obi-wan Kenobi


handmaiden dormé's costume - ooak outfit for doll 
Goodbye gown
+ pattern
Star Wars -OOAK Green parade handmaiden dress for 12" barbie doll
Green parade gown

Amidala's battle costume
Obi-wan Kenobi - OOAK customized 12" doll/figure
Miela, twi'lek OOAK Barbie doll
Twi'lek diplomat
Princess Leia Organa OOAK ANH dress - for 12" doll
ANH dress

Mon Mothma

Mon Mothma - 12" ooak doll


Firefly / Serenity



River Tam - costume from Firefly for ooak doll
Red-gold dress
+ pattern
Kaylee from Firefly TV series - costume for a 12" Barbie doll - ooak
Blue jacket and jumpsuit
Ball gown of Kaylee from Firefly series for 12" Barbie doll - OOAK
Ball gown
Inara Serra -  ooak costume from Firefly for 16" Tonner doll
Wrap dress
+ pattern


  Out of fashion for centuries







 ooak victorian day dress  for Tyler Wentworth doll
Victorian day dress
(cca 1855-1680)
little pirate ooak doll
Little pirate
(cca 1730)
gaspara ooak doll
Merchant's little daughter
(cca 1655)
nastenka ooak doll
Russian country girl

ooak baroque precieuse barbie doll
(ca 1630)
ooak titanic era dress for Tyler Wentworth doll
Tea gown
(cca 1912)

 O Sun

Bia Sandrine Shamsa


Queen Anne
han bok, Korean traditional dress for 12"  OOAK Barbie doll
Han bok,
Korean traditional dress
OOAK italian renaissance dress for 18" doll
Florentine renaissance dress (ca 1530-1540)
18th century caraco dress for 15"Alex or Gene doll - ooak
Caraco dress
 (ca 1740-1750)
Tudor gown for doll
Tudor gown
ca 1530

Heraldic sideless gown




Mod dress for Barbie
Mod dress
Evangeline - regency walking dress for 16" Tonner doll
Regency walking dress
miko, shrine maiden costume for 16" doll, ooak
as a shrine maiden
medieval maiden, ooak costume for Barbie doll
medieval maiden
So sweet ..., or, Jenny by Takara
jenny takara ooak dress
Dress inspired by Kaori

Dress inspired by Fata
jenny by Takara ooak dress kimono for 11" Jenny doll by Takara
Girl in kimono
Jennifer doll by Helen Kish
Jennifer II.
Jennifer as little Arwen
Baby elf princess

  Where my fantasy strays, or, Preview...





Padmé Roger
Galadriel mirror dress ooak doll
Mirror dress
+ pattern
Arwen battle outfit ooak for  Barbie doll
Battle outfit

Spanish baroque dress for 12" Barbie doll
Spanish costume, ca 1650
+ pattern for stays

Pink ball gown

STar Wars Padmé daterr gown ooak
Water gown

Elizabethan gentleman



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