Description Elf lord Celeborn is the ruler of Lórien, husband of lady Galadriel and grandfather of Arwen.

Three-part costume for 12" Ken. The doll has rerooted and repainted head from Blaine doll of Generation Girls (Mattel, cca r. 2000)

  • The underdress with a mandarin collar has tightly wrapped "petal" sleeves (sides of the sleeve are stitched together from top to forearm);
    the front of the dress consists of the upper panel with a low pointed waist and two shaped petal skirts. The whole dress is lined and fastens back wit hooks and eyes.
    The wide blue sash wraps around the doll's waist and then drapes down in the front all the way to the floor. Under the collar is attached the "necklace", created from a pair of silver earrings.

  • The green-gray robes have a simple vine-like silver embroidery around the front opening and the wide, long petal sleeves. The whole robes are lined.

  • The wide trousers are gathered at waist to the narrow band, they fasten back with a snap.

  • To the outfit belong the soft shoes of the same cloth the robes were made. The fancy belt is created
    from 2 pieces of narrow silver band, as the buckle serves a silver pendant, from which hang down 16 silver bullion threads, each of them with one bead.

Used materials
  • For the undergown I used an ivory jacquard silk and  a white plain silk as the lining ;
  • a celadon (gray-green) jacquard silk for the robes and as lining of the sleeves; a pongé of similar colour for the lining of the "body" of the robes;
  • a crinkled metallic, gray-brown silk organza for the trousers.
Celeborn Celeborn


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