wizard's messenger

Damir as wizard's messenger - pseudo-renaissance costume for MSD BJD doll

On the Friday just before Christmas, I found a pretty velvet  hat of  "Santa Claus" type, but from dark blue velvet, with glittering silver stars, in a local second-hand store... Here began the idea about this Damir's costume - a combination of classic Hamlet's costume and a "renaissance wizard" outfit. 

The jacket was made from dark blue silk velvet, it is lined in blue habotai, it closes back with hooks and eyes. The trims are from the "Santa" velvet hat. The sleeves have back seams, so there could be done the slit  from elbow to wrist, where the sleeve of the white shirt can peek out.  The sleeves close with two pairs of hook and eye at wrist.

The narrow hose with the padded codpiece are from a black moleskin. To the bottom of each leg is attached a narrow elastic, so it doesn't  ride up from the boots.

The front of the white shirt is pleated, and embellished with a silver flower and pale blue Swarowski beads.

The blue lined black moleskin cloak is of half-circular cut. On each shoulder, there are snaps that fasten the cloak to the jacket. There are painted silver symbols of zodiac at the bottom of the cloak.

The round flat hat is embellished with a white marabou feather.

To the costume belongs also the  black belt and the black leather boots, both embellished with hot-fix studs. Also the pale blue pantyhose- I was afraid, that the black moleskin might stain the pale resin. Except the backstitch on the boots, the whole costume was handsewn.

Damir as wizard's messenger - pseudo-renaissance costume for MSD BJD doll





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