Gondorian ranger

Faramir ranger doll ooak

This young man was originally"Elvis Presley" by Mattel. (Ken has a bit shorter legs, but the garb fits him too...) his head I made from FIMO Soft, using a bit "softened" face mold of cheap G.I. Joe clone (probably made in China). Of course, I am no portraitist, but some (little) likeness here might be.
The wig I made from an untangled, dyed nylon rope. I have to admit that I never did anything so complicated before; it took me 3/4 year to finish the Faramir doll.

  • Trousers have the fly fastened almost at his side.

  • To the neckline of the beige shirt is attached a narrow stad-up collar and a wide hem, surrounding also the front slit.
    The sleeves are made from two layers of the material, quilted; the sleeve seam is not sewn together, but, as like as the slit of the neckline, is laced up with brown rubber thread. "Metallic" lacing rings are imitated with detached chain stitches embroidered with golden bullion.

  • Quilted detachable sleeves are attached to the cuirass with hooks and eyes; they are laced up under doll's arms.
    Wambraces fasten with little snaps and then with leather straps and little wire buckles. The green part of the wambrace is coated with acryllic matte varnish. To this layer were engraved ornaments (White tree, wings, stars) with a hot pin.

  • Jerkin consists of 2 pieces (shoulder seams are not cutted in two). In the back is a long slit (from the hips to the bottom), the side seams are not sewn together, they are laced up. The jerkin is tied at the front with 3 pairs of cords; it is lined.

  • Cuirass is interlined with a flannel, at the front is the leather breastplate. I burned the motive of White tree to the breastplate with soldering iron, and then I painted it with silver colour for plastic kits.
    There are attached 4 pairs of leather stripes with lacing metallic rings at the sides. At the back of the neckline is a short slit, laced up with brown rubber thread.

  • Shoes should be a bit higher, but... what is done, is done, I will not make it again - it was most difficult part of the costume. They are laced up, and then also fastened on the side with pair of small buckles and straps.

  • Quiver is made from fine brown leather, the pattern on it is burned and then painted in gold. The quiver and quiver belt were coated with an acrylic varnish. Buckles on both belts and on the cloak I made from 2-part epoxy putty and a wire. The cloak buckles I gilded with false gold foil, the belt buckles were painted in silver with colour for plastic kits.

  • Cloak has the half-circle shape, deep hood, and is frayed.

  • Sword has a wire core, covered with Milliput and Tamiya 2-part epoxy putty. The putty was grinded after hardening, and then partially covered with leather and partially silver-plated.

Used materials
  • For the trousers I used brown bourette;
  • for the shirt a beige and for the detachable sleeve a pale brown crepe-de-chine
  • dark green raw silk for the jerkin and a habotai of the same colour for the lining;
  • The cuirass is from a yellowish crepe-de-chine,
  • and the cloak is made from a moss green crepe-de-chine.

  • The quiver, the breastplate, the sheath, the belts, the shoes and the vambraces are made from fine brown and dark green natural leathers.
LOTR Faramir OOAK doll LOTR Faramir OOAK doll
LOTR Faramir OOAK doll Faramir ooak repaint
LOTR Faramir OOAK doll

Pattern 1 -
shirt, trousers, jerkin

Pattern 2
cuirass, hood, detachable sleeve





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