čarodějka Zeměmoří

This costume was inspired by the school uniforms of young witches in TV mini series Earthsea. Fiume's outfit is more ornate, and I used a violet fabric instead the royal blue.

The dress is from violet elastic velvet, it closes at front with snaps. The back is laced up, the lacing forms the bodice nicely. For the trims were used shreds of a silk tie.

The white chemise has double sleeves, is very full, with a drawstring scoop neck.

To the costume belong  the pointed velvet shoes, the belt with the pouch and  the purse. The purse closes with small neodymium magnet and a small piece of the magnetic foil (cut out from a fridge magnet).
The front part of the diadem is created from 2 clock hands, glued together. The joint is hidden under the star. The chains connect the front part with the filigree flower at back.








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