a Chinese lady

Because  of my obsession with Asian traditional costumes I couldn't resist to sew a hanfu for Fiume. 

It is said, that the most elegant, beautiful and daring costumes were worn in  era of Tang dynasty (618-907). The costume I made can be theoretically hanfu of ru qun (jacket+skirt) type, but truth is that I found a picture of a Chinese fan in a similar costume, and it looked so fine and aetherical....

The costume consists of the white and pink sleeveless dress, the flowered skirt, opened at front, the short sheer jacket with double trims and the white belt with green ties. The satin  shoes and the top of rhe dress are embroidered, to the costume belongs also the jade disc, hanging from a Chinese knot, the necklace, the pink shawl and the hand painted silk "court" fan. 

Fiume Gallery

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