wa-lolita dress for MSD BJD - ball jointed doll


Wa-lolita combines traditional Japanese clothing styles with the Lolita fashion.

The costume consists of  the red brocade A-shaped kimono, lined in black silk,  the black frilly skirt - it has two frills at front, four at back, and under it is the black tulle petticoat with an assymetrical lace applique.
The  sturdy silk green obi belt with  the bow at back, the hairbow and the collar and wrists of the kimono are trimmed with nylon frills.

Fiume wears the black tulle stockings and the geta sandals, made from balsa wood - they can be attached with an elastic band  or 2-side adhesive tape.

BJD wa-lolita BJD wa-lolita BJD wa-lolita
BJD wa-lolita BJD wa-lolita
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