Guinevere OOAK Barbie doll as Keira Knightley

Originally I didn't plan to make Guinevere's "Roman" costume, although I liked it. But when I found an aqua coloured  silken crepe-de-chine blouse in second-hand shop, my first thought was: this is the perfect material for Guinevere's gown!

So here she is, my Guinevere, pale and beautiful. To make her I customized "Chic" brunette Barbie.

If you are interested in real movie costume, try these links: Costumers guide or Keira Knightley Wavefront



Two-piece OOAK outfit  for whatever 12" fashion doll.
  • The gown from an aqua coloured silken crepe-de-chine has a short train and is cut on the bias
    The trapezoidal long flowing sleeves are open from the shoulder, reach almost to her ankles and are decorated with smal red beads, electric blue loops (Smyrna stitch), golden line of running stitch and gold coloured "buttons" - iron-on studs.

  • The girdle is created by 2 ribbons of a raw silk. The center of each band was painted brown, then decorated with the red, green and blue running stitch and with golden herringbone stitch; finally it was beaded with honey coloured translucent beads. The connection of the ribbons is covered with a part of vintage metallic button, the dangling ends are weightened with dark brown "tips", made from two-part epoxy putty . The girdle fastens back with hook and eye.

  • For the cloak I used wrong side of a dark red-brown crepe-satin. The cloak is half-circular, the "hood"  is created by cartridge pleating cca 9 cm by the center, cca 9 cm deep. The front edges  are embellished with simple beige and blue embroidery.

  • The outfit is completed with a pair of  brown-yellow leather peasant shoes.
Guinevere  OOAK doll - King Arthur movie costume Guinevere OOAK customized Barbie doll
Guinevere  OOAK doll - King Arthur movie costume Guinevere  OOAK Barbie doll - King Arthur movie costume



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