Jack  Sparrow

Jack Sparrow - OOAK dollfie panenka



Customized 12" dollfie  by Volks.
The making of captain Jack, my favourite film hero, took me about 4 years - because the doll was probably cursed:-) : the original Fimo head turned green, one part of the coat sleeve was eaten by moths (the damaged piece was replaced), then  painted stripes on the sash melted (then I used  a printed fabric)..., now he is finished, hurrah!
His wig was made from viscose threads, as is described at Firebid Art & Music. I tried to make an accurate version of the movie outfit, but I dislike dreadlocks, so - I didn't make them. 
  • The off-white,full,  long-sleeved shirt is tucked in the breeches. The breeches  have the drop front (functional - little pieces of velcro helped); the bottom of the leg is closed with four buttons and the cuff can be closed with a buckle from copper wire.

  • The waistcoat  reachs about mid-thigh in the front,  of blue colour,  in the back is grey, and reachs just under the waistline.  The waistcoat is lined, the fake embroidered buttonholes are on the one side of the front opening, the beads of pewter colour s buttons are on the other side. 
    Around Jack's waist is striped sash with frayed ends, and the leather belt with attached compass (a piece of Fimo + half of a round bead, painted black) is wraped over it..

  • The charcoal coat (justeaucorps) has two-part sleeves with big cuffs, and the  buttoned slit in the back. The coat is lined, the buttons are imitated  by plastic brown pearls ( or half-pearls), the buttonholes are embroidered with a fine silver cord.

  • The high boots from a russet suede were partially machine sewn. The lining was cut in bias, so they can be easily taken off  They were partially stained with acryllic paints, so they look a little  worn out.

  • The cutlass sheath is attached on the black leather baldrick The  blade of the cutlass came from a cheap miniature katana, the handle was made from a paper, covered width modelling acryllic paste. The paste developed cracks immediately, so I am not very satisfied wit this thing. 

  • The flintlock pistol was sculpted from Fimo, combined with metal. The attempt on sculpting of the  flintlock itself was usuccessful.
    The red bandanna was printed with a small rubber stamp, and then I attached the beaded tassels. 
    Jack's head is crowned with the leather tricorn hat, shaped with help of water, steaming iron, and its shape was fixed with a diluted white glue. The hat was trimmed with a narrow bias stripe of the fine silk.


Used materials
  • For the coat I used a fine charcoal wool, and a habotai of similar colour for the lining;
  • a royal blue habotai and gray silk riep for the waistcoat;
  • a blue-gray raw silk for the breeches;
  • a fine white handkrief battiste for the shirt ;
  • the finest red ponge for the bandanna,  and the bias stripe of a brown for trimming of the tricorn hat..
  • a red-striped fine cotton for the sash;
  • a rusty suede for the boots and the belt, a fine black leather for the baldric, a brown  leather for the hat. 

Jack Sparrow - OOAK dollfie panenka Jack Sparrow - OOAK dollfie panenka Jack Sparrow - OOAK dollfie panenka
 Jack Sparrow - OOAK dollfie panenka
Jack Sparrow - Piráti z Karibiku, OOAK dollfie panenka
Jack Sparrow - OOAK dollfie panenka
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