12th century

Julianna - románské šaty z 12. století pro Barbie, ooak

Julianna is a teenage maiden, living in half of 12th century. She is not very rich or noble, but well provided, maybe a daughter of a bailiff?
Her dress is a little out of fashion, but clean, warm a practical, maybe even pretty....

The doll's head is taken from a "superstar" Barbie - her teeth were removed and her face repainted.  Her body is donated by Teen Skipper, because is smaller and more suitable for a young maiden. New hair were once a untangled and dyed nylon rope.


Two part costume for a Teen Skipper doll by Mattel.

  • The blue surcot with bell sleeves is entirely lined, and laced up at back. The dress is embellished with the hand embroidered trims.  

  • The pale pink undergown (cotte) is quite full, A-shaped and gathered to the narrow stand-up collar.  There is row of copper beads at the wrist, that imitate buttons. It closes back with small hooks and eyes.

  • The doll has the white slip under the cotte and the white stockings.
    The one-piece (the sole is not counted in, of course) shoes  fasten above ankle with a bead, the seam is on the inner side of the foot.
    The brown belt is embellished with iron-on studs and  "enameled" diamond-shaped ending. The same red and blue "enamel" was used on the aumoniere. On the belt, there  also hangs the ring with little silver scissors and keys.
  • To keep her hair smooth and clean, it was braided, wrapped with white ribbons and covered with the circular veil. The ring from starched fabric holds the veil in place.

Used materials
  • For the surcot I used a blue, home-dyed cotton flannel, that rather successfully imitated a wool fabric. The lining is from a grey habotai, the trims are from a brown crepe-de-chine;
  • for the cotte a fine pale pink ponge;
  • the slip and the hat are from a white cotton batiste;
  • the veil and the barbette are from a fine silk chiffon ;
  • the stockings are from a white knitwear; the shoes, the belt and the aumoniere are from a dark brown fine leather.

 Julianna - románské šaty z 12. století pro Barbie, ooak Julianna - románské šaty z 12. století pro Barbie, ooak  


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