the princess with a golden star

The chairwoman of the Dolls Club  of CR asked me to sew the costume of the princes Lada (from movie Princess with the golden star - something like the Donkey skin) for a 80 cm high porcellain doll. I was not used to sew for such a big dolls, so it was quite interesting and enlightening, because I  also had to build and repaint the doll ....The wig was made by professional wigmaker.

The blue taffeta dress are lined in white satin and damask, they fastens back with a zipper. The pleated skirt is circular, but the waist is moved off-center. The circular undersirt is from a silk pongee at visible places, the invisible part is from an acetate lining. and batiste.  The petticoat and pantalettes are also from the batiste. 


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