Princess Leia Organa

ANH dress

Princess Leia ANH senatorial  OOAK dress for 12" doll

This doll was made as Leia by Kenner in 1978. She came to me nude, dirty and tousled - but she was also very cheap.  I liked her face, so I didn't repaint it, but she was thoroughly cleaned and I gave her  the new, very soft viscose hair. I tried to make the correct version of the ANH senatorial dress. She was made as an "action" doll so she has very big feet - the only shoes that fit her are from Elvis Presley doll by Mattel. :-))

  • The white dress from a cotton-lycra blend jersey is very simple, cut from one piece actually - it has the side seams and the back neck slit only.  The "hood" is  really just a long trapezoidal strip of fabric gathered at each end and attached to the  back parts of the neckhole. After attaching the hood I stitched on the collar. The dress is gathered in the waist with a  rubber thread.

  • The belt was made from a storched white battiste, it closes back with a snap. On the belt were glued 8 metal plates (cut from a tin of cat's food) with ironed silver studs. 



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