Russian country girl

nastenka ooak  customized doll Mrazík

Nastenka doesn't look like as Nastenka from Morozko (or Father Frost, Russian fairy-tale movie, very popular in Bohemia), but the costume is almost identical. It differs in the sarafan pattern and added accesoires - a necklace, earrings and a wrap. Actually, I customized her just for kicks. When I found this cheap, almost bald doll in a second-hand shop, my friend told me that I could'nt make anything from her, she was so ugly (the doll, not my friend).
Now she look a bit conceitedly, but more bearable. I added joints to her knees, wrists and elbows and rerooted her with untangled, dyed nylon rope. I wanted brown hair, but who could know, what would look like the pretty brown nylon after drying...

  • Blue crepe-de-chine sarafan is on the front embellished with a red embroidered and beaded battiste band. The sarafan fastens back with little snaps.

  • Chemise I made from old, many times washed handkrief (some holes can be found) and embroidered with blue and red floss. The cuffs are smocked. The neckline slit is closed with tiny wire hook and eye.

  • The costume complete the embroidered headdress "kokoshnik", the white cotton stockings, the brown leather peasant shoes and the fringed wrap.
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