Elf lady
in the yellow leaf collar dress

Elf lady in the yellow leaf collar dress from LOTR  - OOAK doll

This costume belonged to the wardrobe of unknown elf lady, probably dwelling in Rivendell. It was never seen in the movie, it was displayed only at Casa Loma exhibition a few years ago, and only one picture exists. You can see the dress here. Sewing the outfit for 12" doll I had to change the material of the overdress and the belt.

The doll I dressed, looks like to be drugged, but believe me, she is not so bad actually. She is one of my early repaints/reroots. Donor of her head is "Katie", made in China, the body is from regular Barbie (only elbow joints were added). Some time ago I bought a piece of rope, which I wasn't able to dye and to curl - probably it wasn't true nylon - so she has her hair pure white, straight and braided.

I would like to thank all people from ACS for publishing their description and images.

Description Two-pieced dress for 12" doll.
  • The overdress had originally front fastening, but then I wanted smooth front, so I "cheated" - the dress fastens back with tiny wire hooks and eyes now. The sleeves are set-in, the sleeve seam is not sewn together. All dress's edges are hemmed with buttonhole stitch.
    The sleeves and the body to the hips are lined. The dress is embellished with two-part embroidered collar (chain and stem stitch were used + pale yellow viscose floss). The buttons are actually french knots, embroidered with a bronze bullion thread; the dress is tighten under breasts with the pale yellow sash, pleated in Fortuny's style.

  • The striped underdress is A-shaped, with set-in long sleeves. The front parts partially overlap each other. The dress pulls over head.

  • To the outfit belong the soft shoes of the same cloth the overdress was made.
Used materials
  • For the overdress I used a dark maize yellow crepe-de-chine; I painted it with a golden contour colour. The lining of the dress is from a fine gold-yellow ponge.
  • The underdress was made from a white chiffon with painted wide yellow stripes;
  • for the sash I used finest a pale gold-yellow ponge.

Elf lady in the yellow leaf collar dress from LOTR  - OOAK doll Elf lady in the yellow leaf collar dress from LOTR  - OOAK doll

Pattern 1 - overdress


Pattern 1 - underdress


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