Red-gold outfit

River Tam - costume from Firefly for  ooak doll

Description Two-part outfit for Tiny Kitty Collier . The doll is only slightly customized - I changed the colour of her irises and lips only, and I didn't try to make her  look  like  Summer Glau.
The dress also fits modern type Barbie - but  is necessary to add 1 cm to length of each ruffle at least.
  • The bodice of  the dark red sleeveless dress is lined, it fastens back with little snaps. There are 2 ruffles : 1.   4 x 20 cm, second is 7 x 40 cm. The dress is made from a silk pongee, and is much darker than it looks here..

  • The vest is lined, it has a short  slit at the back, which fastens with hook and eye. For the vest I used a gold-black jacquard viscose, for the lining  a brown silk.

  • The high boots from a fine black leather have 4 functional buckles each - they are made from silver-coated wire-, and the soles are made from 2-part epoxy putty. 3 plastic vertical "stripes" in front are from 3-D acryllic varnish, painted black. Although the stockings weren't part of the movie costume, the doll has them on to avoid coloration of her legs.

River Tam - ooak doll


River Tam - OOAK doll






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