(from Arabela TV series)
Rumburak - wizard of 2nd cathegory - ooak costume from  Arabela TV series for Tonner doll.


Rumburak, a rather young, ambitious wizard of 2nd category wants to marry princess Arabela, the younger daughter of king Hyacint, and to become the king of Fairytale Realm.  In the World of men an actor, Mr. Majer, finds a little bell, anrd the sound of the bell forces Rumburak to come and serve to Mr. Majer. The actor wants to learn , how to use a gun. Rumburak agrees, that they can train in  Fairytale Realm, and Majer accidentally shoots the talking wolf (the one from the Red Riding Hood story). The king punishes the wizard - turns him into a wolf, to substitute the dead wolf. Rumburak escapes into World of men and vows a terrible revenge...

Arabela (Märchenbraut in German), the Czech TV mini series (1979) are based on differences between the world of classic European fairytales, and our normal lifestyle, as like as the Tenth Kingdom TV series. I had a few pictures from the series, and saw one of the costumes (I sincerely doubt, that it was the original one, but better than nothing) on exhibition in Strahov Monastery in Prague this winter.
Description Costume for 16" doll  Matt O"Neill by Tonner.  My Lord Asriel was temporarily rewigged and the beard was painted with aquarel pencil.
  • The violet jacket fastens back with snaps. It is reinforced with a stiff woven interlining, that was cut out without seam allowances.  I also cut out the 8 slashes into the front part, a little bigger, than the finished slashes would be, and ironed the parts to the wrong side of velvet.  Then I cut out the slashes in velvet with small seam allowances, and burned them off with the pointed soldering iron, so they did not fray. The seam allowances of the slashes I turned to the wrong side and attached with the buttonhole stitch. From the slashes, trimmed around with a thin silver trim, peeks out the gathered silk. The jacket was lined, embellished with silver trims.
    The sleeves are five-times gathered.

  • The silver/black breeches are gathered at waist and at bottom with narrow elastic and embellished with silver trims.

  • The black tailored cloak consists of 3 parts, and is longer at back than at front. The cloak has the high, pointed collar and is lined.

  • The wizard has also the scallop neck shirt and the black stockings, they are off white inside, so the dark parts of the outfit don't touch the plastic of the doll at all. 
  • To the costume belongs also the  hat with chiffon "slashes" and dangling little "bones" (made from Fimo). The frog skeleton was partially painted with 3-D colour, partially embroidered.
    The black, silver-trimmed ruff, was  (sort of) cartridge pleated, and stitched to a stiff band, that fastens back with hook and eye. The ruff required 11 or 12 lengths of the neck  circumference.

    The black leather "mocassins" are modestly beaded.

    The "chain" consists of crescents (originally hot-fix metal sequins, I made 2 hole into each piece - and lot of them damaged, of course), joined with wire eyes. The original Rumburak had a lizard hanging from the chain, hut I didn't found any, so my wizard has a little silver crocodile there.
Used materials
  • for the jacket  and the hat I used  a violet polyerter elastic velvet;
  • the cloak is from a black satin, wrong side up;
  • the sleeves, the lining of the jacket, hat and cloak, and  the  filling of the slashes on the jacket are from a vintage violet habotai;
  • the trousers are from a knitted silver-black fabric;
  • the  filling of the "slashes" on the hat  is from a off-white silk chiffon;
  • for the lining of the sleeves, the breeches, the cloak and the boots I used a brown habotai;
  • the breeches, the boots, the belt and the sheath are made from fine brown leathers;
  • the shirt is from a fine white cotton linen, and the stockings from a black knitting.


The original Rumburak....
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