Madly sad princess

mourning dress

Tear falls down my face
and I ask it,
why me, although so young,
know only the sorrow,

why my wine tastes
as like as poison and soil,
why I am so sad
and I have a shadow in my soul...

(Madly sad princess)

"Madly sad princess" is a very popular fairy-tale musical commedy, directed by Bořivoj Zeman (1968).

Prince and princess from neighbouring kingdoms have to marry, but they don't know each other. So the prince runs from the royal carriage, and riding the cow later reaches the other king's park.
Here he meets a nice girl. They falls in love with each other and then the prince is arrested for forcible entry. The girl is of course the princess... and he finds it out a little later. So the prince enjoys the jail and lets the princess pretend great sadness before her father, because this is the only way how to marry the arrested "beggar", which only can make her laugh.
However, then she finds out that the man in the prison is a prince, and she is upset. His momentary situation is cause a war between the two kingdoms that is eagerly supported by royal ministers Iks and Ypsilon. In the end, Iks and Ypsilon are neutralized, the war ends and the prince with the princess can celebrate their wedding.

One-pieced dress for regular Barbie doll. Well, here I made the dress all covered with a chiffon for the first time, and I have to say that it wasn't "bed of roses". The chiffon frayed all the time (where I would be without my FrayCheck :-)) and when I hadn't a perfect manicure, I easily pulled out threads from the fabric - and it was clearly visible that some threads were missing on the white base!

The doll consist of regular Barbie's body - I inserted the elbow joints only - and head of doll made in China. The doll was rerooted and repainted (sorry, she doesn't look like Ms Vondráčková, but I think she is a pretty girl). I took the opportunity to try new 3-D acryllic varnish - you can see a few tiny tears on her face...

  • The whole dress is made from a white habotai, covered with a dark grey-blue (probably nylon) chiffon , embellished with black metallic threads and black and grey tiny beads; it fastens back with little snaps.
    One-piece bodice, tight fitting sleeves and stand-up collar are covered vith one layer of the chiffon. The inserted skirt consist of two chiffon layers and white underskirt. The upper skirt is fuller, so it had been gathered separately. The seam, connecting the bodice and the skirt, is hidden under the row of herringbone stitch.

  • To the dress belong the black gathered veil and the necklace made from glass pearls and a piece of an antique metallic filligree button .

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