(ca 1740-1750)

Rococo "caraco dress" for 15" Alex or Gene Marshall. 
I admit I do not like the huge court  gowns very much, they seem to me a bit, well, boring, - and prefer less formal day dresses, like caraco dresses, polonaises and robes a la anglaise.

 Alex was repainted - I was afraid to do it (I am no Noel Cruz, as you can see :-)  but there was no other possibility - she had a pink butterfly and glitter all over her face.

  • The floral printed caraco jacket with the long peplum is completely lined, and fastens at front with little snaps. The bodice part is tight fitting and stiff. The stomacher is horizontally divided into 4 parts for the fichu could be squeezed through. The jacket is embellished with a fine lace at neckline and sleeves

  • The blue skirt is made from a long stripe of fabric, reachs to the calves and fastens at back with hooks and eyes. The bottom edge is reinforced with a thin layer of interlining, and quilted. There are leaden beads sewn to the inner hem of the skirt to add weight in order to skirt hang down properly. The knife pleated upper edge is attached to the belt and half-ecliptic inserts on the sides, so the skirt follows the shape of the hoopskirt.

  • Under the dress are the pocket hoops (or demi-panier), the one-piece strapless stays and the chemise. The stays are boned with stripes of thin plastic, the pocket hoops are boned with thick nylon horsehair.

  • The outfit complete the triangular scarf (fichu) with a frill, the purple shoes,  the white stockings and the "straw" hat. The hat was made from braided  fine strands of natural bast, pressed with steaming iron and then stitched together. It is embellished with a lace, silk bow, plummage and a pink paper rose, I once bought somewhere.
Used materials
  • For the jacket I used a floral printed polyester crepe;

  • a pale blue habotai as lining;

  • a cobalt blue silk for the skirt;

  • an off-white habotai for the chemise;

  • a white cotton battiste for the stays and the pocket hoops;

  • the fichu was made from a n off-white silk chiffon - for the ruffle I used the edge of the fabric.


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