in her refugee outfit and fur edged coat

eowyn ooak doll brown coat

My Éowyn was manufactured by ToyBiz, I only repainted her face.


Description Three part dress for the 12" fashion doll.
  • Brown coat has tight-fitting bodice part (there are the darts both in the front and in the back); the skirt is bell-shaped and falls to ankle length in back, about mid-calf in front, so there you can seen the dark brown jumper. It is split up the center to about the hip.
    The neckline, sleeves and hem of the skirt is trimmed with a brown velvet as a faux fur. The coat is closed in the front with row of miniature wire hooks and eyes. Golden beads imitate the buttons. The whole coat is lined, and except the sleeves is interlined with a vlieseline. The sleeves are entwined with crocheted brown ties, their ends are fastened with tiny wire hooks, set in the armpits.

  • Jumper is a "sideless gown" - has very deep, laced up armholes. The (hidden) glass beads weight the lacing cords. Only the upper part of the jumper is lined. There are glass beads sewn to the inner hem of the skirt to add weight in order to skirt hang down properly.

  • Chemise is mid-calf length with long, close fitting sleeves, cross-laced from the elbow to the wrist. The fabric was gathered into the narrow, bias cutted neck band. There is a split in the back, closed with hook and eye.

Used materials
  • For the coat I used a brown jacquard viscose, a little paler brown fine habotai for the lining. The hems are from an auburn synthetic velvet.
  • The jumper is made from dyed raw silk, the lining is a fine black silk.
  • The chemise is made from a fine light blue crinkle silk.

eowyn ooak refugee outfit for doll
eowyn ooak doll brown coat  



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