Coronation gown

Description Two part dress for the 12" fashion doll.

  • Underdress has three-piece inset sleeves. There is the trim, embroidered with metallic threads, sequins and little beads to the neckline and to the seam between the narrow upper sleeve and the circle lower sleeve. Under the green lower sleeve is also the white sheer circular sleeve. The dress is closed back with hooks and eyes.

  • Overdress is divided to 1 front piece, 1 back skirt piece and 2 back bodice pieces. The dress is very long and has the train. Lined are only the back bodice pieces and the front piece in the same length as the back pieces. It is also closed back with hooks and eyes.

  • Slippers were embroidered with silver bullion and they have long toes. (:-)) I didn't know, what movie Arwen had had on her feet, when I made them. I saw photos of movie slippers just three days after I had finished these mine! Of course, they looked completely unlike!)

  • To the outfit belongs also the butterfly crown .

Used materials
  • For the whole underdress and for the lining of the overdress I used a pale lime green silk,
  • a fine white cotton lace with geometrical pattern to cover of upper part of the bodice and the narrow upper sleeves; it is beaded with iridescent beads and tiniest clear beads.
  • a white silk chiffon for the second lower sleeves;
  • The edge of the lace on the upper sleeves and the neckline is embroidered with silver and iridescent threads (stem stitch), then there were sewn on very small iridescent sequins (handmade from a bigger sequins, using method "the hammer & the puncher"), tiny clear beads and cutted clear beads with iridescent effect.
  • The overdress is made from a lime green stretch polyester velvet.
  • For the slippers I used the same silk as for the underdress. The heels were made from a two-part epoxy putty, glued on the paper sole (covered with the silk) and then they were painted with the white lacque for plastic kits. The soles and part of the heels were covered with a fine white leatherette.
  • The crown consist of 4 parts, was sculpted from two-part epoxy putty (on the wire skeleton); then silver-plated and joint together with silver-coated wires and strings of beads (green, iridescent, and smallest clear).

Arwen coronation dress for OOAK Barbie doll Arwen ceremonial dress for OOAK Barbie doll

Pattern 1 - underdress Pattern2 - overdress
The pattern is the same for Coronation gown,
Blood red dress and Requiem outfit

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