Coruscant kimono

padme amidala coruscant costume for  Barbie doll ooak

Description Four-part dress for 12" doll (designed for Sindy doll).

  • Garnet coloured underdress consists of sleeveless wrap top and "fake Fortuny" pleated skirt. The top is lined.

  • Lilac brocade overdress has long, narrow sleeves and falls to ankle length in back, about mid-calf in front, so there you can see the garnet underskirt.

  • Mauve kimono has not a collar, but very gaudy "penguin" -shaped sleeves, with golden swirl pattern. The pattern I create from a golden cord attached with fine golden bullion. The whole kimono is lined.

  • Golden obi belt holds all the layers of the dress on appropriate place. It fastens back with little snaps.

  • To the outfit belong a fancy fan-shaped headdress with golden earflaps and strings of pearls. The detachable hairpiece is also interlaced with strings of pearls.
Used materials
  • For underdress I used a garnet habotai. Skirt was pleated in Fortuny's style, but after drying it appeared too narrow, so I carefuly "extended" is with a almost cold iron.
  • The overdress was made from jacquard brocade, it was probably blend of a viscose and polyester.
  • The kimono is from  a mauve silk.
  • The obi is from a heavily interlined golden lamé and lined with a pale yellow ponge..

  • Here I tried to explain, how I made the headdress. If you would like use this tutorial, but do not understand anything, contact me , I will try to describe it better...:-))
    I used:
    the victim - a bald head from a cheap doll , a triangular piece of a nice lace, cosmetic brush, cardboard, 2-part epoxy putty (by Tamyia), 2 plastic headphones (stolen from Blaine's doll by Mattel), golden and silver colour for plastic kits, Chemopren glue (the basic part of this glue is polychloropren and can be dissolved with petrol), quicksetting glue, glass pearls, a little piece of a tulle, white glue, acrylic varnish, pins and PATIENCE.

    • From the cardboard I cut out 2 stripes of needed shape, painted them silver both on right and wrong (inner) side. Then I make "swirls" from epoxy putty, after hardening I glued them to the stripes and also painted silver.
    • I damaged my cosmetic brush. The hair I glued with Chemopren on the back of the inner side of the stripes. After drying I applied Chemopren on the front inner parts of the stripes and stick them on the hair fan and let it dry.
    • The dried hair fan I attached with pins to the head. To the top of each of the headphones I cut out a cut, deep cca 3-4 mm, width 3 mm, applied quicksetting glue and attached to the fan. Then I fasten the headphones to the head with a pin and let dry.
    • After drying I removed this part of the headdress from the head and pinned instead the lace. The long points I pin together on the back of the skull. Then I impregnated the whole lace with the water dissolved white glue.
      After drying I took the fan, applied epoxy putty to the bottom and to into upper part of the headphones and attached (again with pins) to the lace and the head. I also filled various gaps and smoothed it with a fine spatula; after hardening I paint silver the visible putty parts.I glued little ovals of the tulle on the headphones, painted this area silver, the rest of the headphones I painted gold. On the lace I sewed pearls and attached strings of the pearls- 9 on each side. I swirl part of the strings and attached them to the back part of the lace. The silver stripes I covered with acrylic varnish and trimmed off the hair fan. Then I carefuly pulled out all pins and removed whole headpiece from the bald head.

padme amidala coruscant costume for  Barbie doll ooak padme amidala coruscant costume for  Barbie doll ooak
padme amidala coruscant costume for  Barbie doll ooak padme amidala coruscant costume for  Barbie doll ooak

padme amidala coruscant costume for  Barbie doll ooak

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