Goodbye gown

Dormé goodbye gown - ooak costume for  16" doll

Description Two part dress  for 16" doll (Tyler Wentworth, Brenda Starr).
Great help for me was the study of  this costume by Shards of Narsil ..Thank you!!!

I don't claim  that this doll is Dormé -  no, this is my  non-customized Sydney Chase by Tonner, modelling  Dormé's outfit. 
  •  The light grey undergown has stiffened bell-shaped skirt, short sleeves and special, 5-part stand-up collar.The bodice and the skirt of the dress are lined.

  •  Charcoal grey coat reminded me "art nouveau" or late victorian fashion - leg o'mutton sleeves, wide collar, cone-shaped skirt - so I looked for period fashion plates  and patterns. The back  part is shaped with princess seams, the shoulder seams are replaced to the back, the front pieces haven't any breast darts.  The "body" of the coat is stiffened with interlining.
    Pleated, two-part sleeves are not shaped like nowaday sleeves (i. e. straight}, but are turned to the forward from the elbow.

    The coat closes in front with a painted, decorative buckle; 2 small snaps are hidden under the collar.

  • The most decorative part of the costume is the unusual shawl collar, which falls to the half-tigh, where makes little "pockets" at the bottom. The collar is stitched to the coat with a few stitches. All the coat is lined in a sky-blue silk.
Used materials
  • For the undergown I used a light grey (probably) viscose crushed satin ; the lining is from a light grey habotai
  • The coat is from  a fine charcoal grey wool, the lining is from blue pongé.
  • The buckle I made from two-part epoxy putty, painted it with acryllic colours and colours for plastic kits nd then I attached it to the belt with the ":invisible" monofilament thread.

Dormé goodbye gown - ooak costume for  16" doll Dormé goodbye gown - ooak costume for  16" doll

Pattern 1
- sleeve, collar and front part of the coat

Pattern 2
- back and side part of the coat

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