Farewell dress

Arwen's farewell dress -  OOAK Barbie doll

Description Two-pieced dress for 12" doll.
  • Overdress (or rather a long coat with sash) is divided at the front with the long, pointed yoke, embroidered with silver thread. The back is divided into a triangular yoke, center piece and 2 side pieces. The bodice is close-fitting, the skirt is bell-shaped. The sleeves are two-pieced, lower sleeve is petal-shaped and wrapped. It was awful to sew it. The dress is all lined and fastens at the front with miniature wire hooks and eyes.
    There was a problem - it was difficult to go with the narrow sleeve of the underdress through the narrow upper sleeves of the overdress. Well, I removed the undersleeves from the underdress and attached them to the overdress.

  • The sash is fastened with the 2 snaps at the back.

  • The underdress is sleeveless and pulls over head.

Used materials
  • For the overdress I used a synthetic lilac elastic brocade, for the lining a lilac habotai, a silver plastic beads as buttons. The silver motif on the yoke is embroidered with stem and chain stitch.
  • The sash I made from wine coloured habotai is also embroidered with stem stitch.
  • The underdress is from a deep violet habotai, the undersleeves are beaded with small purple beads.

Arwen's farewell dress -  OOAK Barbie doll Arwen's farewell dress -  OOAK Barbie doll

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