Green gown

Description Two part OOAK gown for 12" doll. Using a velvet to make the dress for such a small doll really wasn't the best idea... maybe, in future, I will make another dress from a mossy crepe-de chine.
  • Gown has a one-piece tight-fitting bodice (shoulder seams don't exist) with pointed waist, and a wide, almost circular cut skirt. The wide front panel overlaps the edges of the front skirt. Skirt and bodice are lined in a dark green lining and fasten back with hooks and eyes.
    Inset sleeves are bag lined in contrasting lining, as like as the front panel. I am really unhappy with these sleeves, but I did my best... Into these sleeves are inserted tight, long inner sleeves.

  • The boat neck is edged with golden embroidered trim . There is a continuous-rolled yoke above the boat neckline, opened in the front; it folds back down and looks like a collar.

  • Bell-shaped underskirt is not attached to the gown.

  • To the outfit belongs also the silver-plated belt, consisting of little medallions with motive of triskell. The medallions are crocheted together with a fine silver bullion.

Použité materiály
  • For gown I used a dark green polyester stretch velvet;
  • a dark green habotai for the neck trim, the bodice and the skirt lining;
  • a grey jacquard (a blend of viscose and silk) for underskirt, yoke, inner sleeves and lining of the front skirt panel and the wide sleeves.
  • The trim was embroidered with fine gold bullion (french knots, stem and chain stitches), as like as the wrong side of the yoke.

EOWYN -green  gown - OOAK costume for doll  EOWYN - green  gown - OOAK costume for doll
EOWYN - green  gown - OOAK costume for doll EOWYN - green  gown - OOAK costume for doll
Green  gown - OOAK costume for doll Eowyn OOAK doll

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