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These costumes were worn by queen Amidala's handmaidens in final scene of The Phantom Menace. I planned to make it for very long time (I am fond of handmaidens) but the documentation was very poor. In September 2005  FIDM  opened the exhibition "Dressing a Galaxy", many wonderful fans made pictures ... and shared them with others, who weren't able to visit the exhibition.

I would like to thank very much to Maggie, Kay Dee, Darth Manos, Sister Sola, Jedi Kai and other nice people for their great photos and descriptions.
The pale green dress and the doll's hairdress is my pure speculation. :-))


Description Three part dress for 12" Barbie doll (belly button body). The doll's head is usual "superstar" face mold, but her teeth were "extracted", her face repainted and her hair rerooted with a brown nylon rope.
  • The pale lime green dress has low round neckline and bell-shaped skirt, which is stabilized with a horsehair at the bottom . The gauze long sleeves are beaded at the wrist and verticaly stitched to obtain the "pintucks".  The neckline and the belt are embellished with a simple beading, I used fire beads, tiny glass pearls and clear and green beads. The dress fastens back with snaps.

  • The back part of the moss green cloak  is of a elliptic shape, the front part is much shorter, with the long, tongue-like tabard attached in the center. On the tabard is a vertical row of Amidala's crests, painted in pale lilac with a mother-of-pearl contour colour for the silk painting. To the shoulder seam are sewed on dark green beads as buttons; the edges of the neckline, stand-up collar and the hood are trimmed with the false pale green "piping" - an embroidery thread. The cloak is entirely lined, it fastens back  with hooks and eyes.

  • The big hood is also lined in purple, its ends are weighten with the two-part epoxy  putty cones.


Used materials
  • For the dress I used a lime green habotai and a viscose gauze for the sleeves.

  • The cloak and the hood were made from a moss green crepe-de-chine, the lining is from a semi-sheer purple crushed polyester.

Pattern for the hood and the cloak is in "Pattern" section
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