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OOAK Rose Titanic doll - jump dress for Barbie

Titanic is not my "cup of tea", but these costumes!!...
If you are interested in "human size" original dress or replicas, try this:
Sense and sensibility 
or this page: Costumers Guide.  And there are images and of Franklin Mint's Rose doll and observations  by Jenny LaFleur.
 My Rose has her head from  "Fashion fever" Drew, the body is regular Barbie. Repainted, rerooted (Drew's original hair was too short / and I damaged it :-(( )
The outfit is two part - the underdress and  the beaded bodice with the train.

  • The empire-waisted underdress consists of the black bodice  with puffed sleeves and narrow, two-layered skirt. The first, red skirt has 3 darts on each side; cca 3 cm above the bottom is attached the beaded black voil stripe. The topmost layer of the skirt  with the first set of beaded circles hangs free.  The beading is done directly onto the voile and does not go through the silk beneath. The bottom layer is the same, except that the voile layer is sewn onto the skirt itself just beneath the beaded line of the top layer.
    The skirt is embellished with 16 beaded  circles. I glued small cloth circles to the fine voile, then attached them also with buttonhole stitch - each stitch contains small black bead,  it looks nice and the edge of the glued cloth is not visible - and these reinforced places then were beaded. The dress fastens back with hooks and eyes.
  •  Beaded bodice (waistcoat or plastron, as you want) is black on wrong and red on right side, one-pieced - the shoulder "seam" is created by the pair of pale blue Czech fire polished beads. First I beaded the black ornament, using tiny black and clear beads, jet beads and black tiny sequins, then I filled gaps with horizontal rows (where it was possible, of course) of red beads. The pattern for the bodice was good - but it shrunk a bit with all this beading, so now it is very tight fitting (sigh). The bodice fastens in front with 2 hooks and eyes.
    To the bodice  is attached the sheer train, gathered on the back, and edged with  small iron-on black sequins. I was afraid to iron them on the black material, so I attached them with black beads.
  • The outfit is completed with red shoes (I have them from "Princess of England" Barbie  -.  I coated them red with nail-polish and black with colour for plastic kits), crocheted and beaded necklace, earrings and the butterfly hairpin.
Used materials
  • For the bodice of the underdress  and for the train I used a black sheer (polyester or nylon) georgette, dotted with black nail polish.;
  • a blood red silk crepe-satin for the underskirt;
  • a black viscose voile  (or chiffon?, I don't know), very fine and sheer, for the second skirt layer;
  •  flesh-colored viscose chiffon for the lining inside the bodice
  • a black and red habotai as the base of the beaded bodice..

OOAK Rose DeWitt Bukater Titanic doll - jump dress for Barbie  OOAK Rose Titanic doll - jump dress for Barbie
OOAK Rose Titanic doll - jump dress for Barbie OOAK Rose Titanic doll - jump dress for Barbie
OOAK Rose Titanic doll - jump dress for Barbie  

OOAK Rose Titanic doll - jump dress for Barbie



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