Packing gown

PADMÉ - Packing gown OOAK doll dress from Star Wars

Description Three-part outfit for 12" doll (designed for "belly-button" Barbie).

  • Black bodice consists of 5 pieces (+ stand-up collar), is heavily interlined, lined and fastens with little snaps in the back. The grey centerpiece is painted with a nacre conture colour, embroidered with metallic threads and beaded.

  • Charcoal grey skirt is very full, bell-shaped, gathered into the yoke. It fastens back with 2 little snaps. There are glass beads sewn to the inner hem of the skirt to add weight in order to skirt hang down properly.

  • Pale grey undershirt has wide sleeves gathered to the long cuffs, grey beads imitate the buttons. I wanted the very tight cuffs, so I sewed their sides with fine rubber thread. The sleeves are gathered 2x above the elbow with rubber thread. The gathering is hidden under 4 pairs of silver armbands. The undershirt closes with snaps in the back.

  • To the outfit belong also 2 detachable hair extensions and 3-pieced headdress jewellery.

Used materials
  • For bodice I used a black velvet, interlined with a woven iron-on interlining. The stand-up collar was made from 2 pieces of a black velvet band. The lining is from a black habotai.
  • The skirt is from a charcoal grey habotai.
  • For the undershirt I used a light grey crepe-de-chine.
  • The centerpiece of the bodice was made from the same material as the skirt. It was interlined with a vlieseline (you can see the stains from the glue :-)), then painted, then embroidered with stem and satin stitch with a fine golden bullion and a blue "metallic" thread and beaded with tiny blue, transparent yellow beads and little glass pearls. In the center of the pattern is a clear paste stone.
  • The armbands were made from 2 cheap narrow bracelets of silver colour.
  • The headdress jewellery consists of 3 pieces, it was sculpted from the 2-part epoxy putty, painted in silver and attached together with fine silver chain. The pattern was painted with 3-D colour and then silver-plated.
I would like to thank Verdaera for her beading guide for the centerpiece!!! Thank you very much!

PADMÉ - Packing gown OOAK doll dress from Star Wars PADMÉ - Packing gown OOAK doll dress from Star Wars
PADMÉ - Packing gown OOAK doll dress from Star Wars PADMÉ - Packing gown OOAK doll dress from Star Wars



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