Elizabeth Swann

plum dress

Elizabeth Swann - OOAK plum dress for doll from Pirates of the Caribbean movie



Three part dress for 16" doll (Tyler Wentworth, Brenda Starr by Tonner).

  • Purple dress (so called mantua) has tight-fitting, low pointed bodice with a double opening. The under (black, covered with lace) front parts fasten with little snaps, the upper have hidden closure - hook and eye under the frog.
    Sleeves are top and bottom cartridge pleated, there is also horizontal cartridge pleating. The bodice and sleeves are trimmed with golden braid.
    Into the bodice are also sewn narrow undersleeves (they are black and are not visible), with attached gathered stripes of a white battiste with fine lace trim.
    Skirtis very full, cartridge pleated, and has a short train. The both sides of the front slit are embellished with a black lace and a trim of antique gold colour. The bodice and the skirt are lined .

  • Black underskirt is a bit shorter than skirt, fastens at the front with row of hooks and eyes; the both sides of the slit are embellished with a black lace.

  • Shift (I haven't ever seen such a strange piece of clothing, but what I know about female pirate underclothes from the 18th century? :-)) with tight fitting bodice falls just above ankles, has narrow sleeves to the elbow and deep neckline. The neckline and sleeves ate laced up. The sfift fastens back with hooks and eyes.

  • Medallion was sculpted from 2-part epoxy putty and then I gilded it with false gold foil.

Used materials
  • For the gown I used a heavier purple silk;
  • a bit paler and finer silk of similar colour for the lining of the skirt
  • a black pongé as the lining of the bodice and for the narrow sleeves;
  • a fine white handkrief battiste for gathered undersleeves;
  • a rest of an old printed silken cravatte for lining of the upper front parts of the bodice;
  • a woven interlining to stiff the bodice.
  • The shift I sewed from heavier white cloth (probably cotton/polyester blend; it has wowen diamond pattern);
  • from a black matelassé silk is the underskirt.
  • There are used on the gown 3 various nylon black laces, 2 golden trims and a white cotton lace. 5 frogs were twisted from unraveled black trim.

Elizabeth Swann - OOAK plum dress for doll from Pirates of the Caribbean movie Elizabeth Swann - OOAK plum dress for doll from Pirates of the Caribbean movie>

Bodice and wide sleeve only




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