Rose dress

Rose dress - OOAK LOTR dress for Barbie doll

Popis Two pieced dress for 12" doll. You cannot see it in any part of the LOTR trilogy - it's a pity - but it really exists, and it was also exhibited - you can see it here.  My Arwen was originally "Amazing nails" Lea by Mattel.

  • Overdress is closed only until just below the center breast line; it has a low neckline, trimmed with golden bullion. The sleeves are- as usual - two-pieced, the lower part is wrapped and attached to the upper part, which is embroidered with S-shaped pattern. The same pattern is on the belt.
    There was a problem - again, as like as with Farewell dress - it was difficult to go with the narrow sleeve of the underdress through the narrow upper sleeves of the overdress. Also these undersleeves ended attached to the overdress....
    The overdress is lined (except the lower sleeves) and back-closed with hooks and eyes.

  • Underdress is sleeveless and pulls over head.

Used materials
  • For the overdress I used bright rose-red crepe-de chine (I don't know antything better to imitate a velvet) and a bit paler habotai for the lining.

  • The trim of the upper sleeves and the belt I embroidered with stem stitch with a normal sewing thread of the same colour, as the crepe-de-chine is.

  • Underdress - it was a adventure to make it!
    I used (probably, I am not 100% sure) a white nylon chiffon - I wanted to dye it pink and then to embroider it. I dyed it. I began to draw the pattern with an air erasable pen - and this wonderfull pink colour cowardly vanished from surround of the drawing! Well, I learned from my mistake. First, I embroidered it - only the front part and the sleeves, yess, my preciouss - with iridescent thread with stem stitch, beaded with little clear beads and iridescent sequins, then I painted little leaves with nacre conture colour, and when I ironed it to secure the paint, I almost burned the iridescent thread and deformed the sequins. Almost...
    AND THEN I dyed it pink. And sewed it. Well, it's not too bad.

Rose dress - OOAK LOTR dress for Barbie doll
Rose dress - OOAK LOTR dress for Barbie doll Rose dress - OOAK LOTR dress for Barbie doll
Rose dress - OOAK LOTR dress for Barbie doll

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