Brown sleeveless outfit

Padmé - brown sleeveless outfit

Description Two-part outfit for 12" doll (designed for "belly-button" Barbie).
Padmé is pregnant in Episode 3 so I made nice belly for her from a cotton wool, wrapped in a piece of a nylon stocking.

  • Light brown sleeveless tunic consists of 7 parts ( a front piece, 2 back central pieces, 2 back side pieces, 2 lined collar pieces) + 2 short lining pieces; fastens back with little snaps. The the bottom of the collar is embellished with a little golden "brooch" - it is one piece of antique metallic button. There are glass beads sewn to the inner hem of the tunic to add weight in order to "skirt" hang down properly.
    A tiny wire hook and thread eye are sewn to the back parts of the collar to hold them together, so the collar looks "rolled".

  • The tunic is criscrossed with 2 dark leather brown straps; the crossing in front is covered with a golden triangular buckle (once it was a embellishment of the corner of my collar), criscrossed "suspenders" in back are attached to the waist parts of the belt with small black snaps. To the one end of the waist part of the belt is a little hole to push the "nose" of the snap through - and so is the whole harness closed.

  • The ivory coloured pants are the tights actually - I used the pattern by Perestroika Designs and adapted it for the "pregnant" doll.

  • To the outfit belong pair of bias cutted long gauntlets. On the gauntlet of her upper left arm is painted Padmé's crest. The braided bun with long hanging braid is removable. The high boots are by Mattel, I removed only the relief "B" from them.
Used materials
  • For the tunic and the gauntlets I used a light brown crepe-de chine - it looks almost as suede or moleskin.
  • The pants are sewn from a cotton knittting - a bit stronger than the usual T-shirt fabric.

Tunic and gauntlets




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