Tatooine costume

padme tatooine costume ooak doll

Description Two-part outfit for 12" doll (designed for "belly-button" Barbie).

  • Blue undergown is A-shaped, sleeveless.

  • Royal blue tunic is T-shaped and lined. All patterns are hand embroidered with a 1 thread of Anchor mouliné.
    Pink, lilac and yellow tassels hang from the edge of the embroidered crescent. On each tassel is stringed one bronze glass bead.
    Both pieces of the costume pull over head.

Used materials
  • For undergown I used a hand-dyed ponge, which I wanted to crinkle using Fortuny's pleating method" - and I ended up with bleached stains...
    I completely bleached whole dress, dyed again, wet it, swirled, wrapped up to the kitchen aluminium foil, insert it to the oven (heated up to 100 C) and baked 15 min. After drying there were not any ugly stains...
  • For the tunic I used a wool/polyester blend, I believe. The lining is from a pale blue habotai.
  • The tassels I made from a viscose floss.

padme amidala tatooine dress ooak doll




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