Victory gown

Eowyn - OOAK Victory gown for 16" doll ROTK

Description Three part outfit for 16" doll (Tyler Wentworth, Brenda Starr). Éowyn appeared in this costume at celebration of victory in the Golden Hall of Rohan.  I think this doll costume is  accurate enough to real movie costume. This movie costume you can see here: Costumers Guide (thank you very much for the great pictures, Maggie!!) and here: Alley Cat Scratch .

I originally wanted to make this costume for my customized 12" doll, but all these brocades are too stiff to look pretty on such a small doll....:-((

  • The underdress has the fitted bodice  with the heart-shaped neckline and full, bell-shaped skirt. The set-in sleeves fit to the elbow and then widen out, they are bag-lined. Nothing special; the gown fastens back with little snaps.

  • I could test my skills of construction of sewing patterns on the jacket ... I was very surprised that I was able to finish this rather complicated piece and that it fits her well.
    The jacket looks like a late medieval sideless gown  (surcot, surcotte) turned upside down. While the sideless gown HAD a skirt, and hadn't side parts and sleeves, Éowyn's jacket has the sleeves and the side parts, but it hasn't the skirt. What they have common, are the plastron and the trims.
    The long ragland sleeves reach to the mid-calf, they are opened in front to let the underdress sleeves through. The white plastron is  stiffened with an iron-on interlining, and embellished with a simple embroidery, beading and golden cords. To the side and back parts are attached white brocade trims  The whole jacket is lined and it laces up back.

  • Subsequently I made also ice blue coat, to have the outfit complete. It has the cream coloured lining, which is not attached to the coat at the bottom, and the detachable cream plush collar. The coat is partially machine-sewn with use of  the "invisible" monofilament thread.
Used materials
  • For the underdress I used a vintage blue silken damask;
  • a blue pongé for the lining of the coat and for the lining of the sleeves of the underdress.
  • a pale blue indian silk brocade (so awfully expensive that I didn't dare to touch it for whole year!) for the coat; a white-gold polyester brocade called "Ideal" for the plastron and the trims.
  • a baby blue, home dyed, cotton flannel for the coat, a very soft cream plush for the collar and a  cream crepe-de-chine for the lining  of the coat and the collar.

Eowyn - OOAK Victory gown for 16" doll ROTK   Eowyn - OOAK Victory gown for 16" doll ROTK
   Eowyn - OOAK Victory gown for 16" doll ROTK
OOAK ice blue cat for Eowyn - for 16" doll

Pattern for jacket and coat is in "Pattern" section
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