My plans for year 2009 etc...

Movie costumes

Lord of the rings

- Chase outfit
- Coronation gown - sleeves are finished
1 part of the skirt is embroidered

- Riding outfit - study and preliminary pattern
Frodo - shirt and trousers are finished
Haldir as marchwarden

Star Wars

Lake dress
Return to Naboo - Ep 1.
Travel gown, Ep. 2
Water gown
Sheltay Retrac - Bail Organa's aide

Ever After
 Blue dress
Princess dress
"Ruin" dress

Harry Potter
 Draco Malfoy - quidditch robes
Viktor Krum - ball robes

The third prince
Milena's white and gold gown

Mask of Zorro
 Elena - ballgown  - work in progress

Pirates of the Caribbean
- peach dress -- work in progress

Long live ghosts!
Leontýnka -- work in progress

 Deck dress

Phantom of the Opera

Christine - masquerade gown

Princess bride
Blue dress - work in progress

Jareth - work in progress

Chronicles of Narnia
Susan - purple gown (adult) -work in progress
blue/white farewell dress
purple travelling dress
Lucy - red gown (adult)

Firefly + Serenity

Inara Serra
red-gold costume - work in progress, sketch
golden dress- sketch
brown velvet dress
tangerine jacket and skirt with frills
purple "heist" dress
red and white dress - work in progress
olive green dress
blue dress

Yvaine's blue dress - sketch
Lamia - green dress - sketch

Le miracle des loups

Jeanne de Beauvais - blue gown (sketch)

Goya's ghosts
- lavender striped dress
- dress with the red jacket (sketch)

Ella enchanted
blue outfit "stop ogrecide" - costume finished, needs repaint

Tenar - (sketch- work in progress

Císařův pekař

Kateřina - olive bodice, cranberry skirt

Historical costumes

Spanish, 16th century
Spanish, 17th century - the underwear is finished
French naval officer, 18th century
Czech popular costume
Dior's "New Look" (1947)
ao dai - Vietnamese traditional dress
burgundian gown 15th century
gentleman's regency outfit

Maybe, maybe...
if I find enough time
and proper material...

Movie costumes:

Star Wars

Padmé - "sleepless knight", Ep. 3
Padmé -Dark senate dress, Ep. 2
handmaiden in flame costume
Mara Jade Skywalker as Jedi
flame handmaiden

How to wake up princesses
princess Růženka's riding outfit

Lady hawke
Etienne Navarre

Sleepy Hollow
Katrina's yellow dress and peach dress
midwife's dress

Cutthroat island

Morgan Adams as a lady

Harry Potter
Fleur Delacour - school robes

Night at Karlštejn
Alena and Eliška as pages 

Girl on the broom
Saxana as a witch

Kill Bill 
O-Ren Ishii

My fair lady
peach walking dress 

Le capitan
Giselle's cream  travelling dress

Angelique et le Roi
gray travelling gown

Lemony Snickett
Violet's black/purple outfit

Chronicles of Narnia -Prince Caspian 
green farewell dress

Historical costumes:
German renaissance dress a la Cranach
prince of Persia
musketeer - work in progress
"robe a la anglaise"
Honor Harrington as Grayson Steadholder

for BJD:

burgundian gown 15th century
qi-lolita -- work in progress
classic lolita
oriental lady (Georgian, Azerbajan)
hanfu  - shenyi
"the boy in blue" - after Gainsborough
Rudi Gernreich's model with flounced sleeves

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